Lonesome Bert & the Skinny Lizards announce the release of their third CD, Everything Everything.

Also called the “DADA” Album, themed after the anti-art movement during World War I, this is the fellows’ biggest album to date.  Seventeen tracks of funky bumptime boogie. Track one, “DADA Intro” proves a leap of faith by the band to challenge their established fans to listen on.  It becomes increasingly apparent the risk pays off as track two, “Got Some Money” cranks out that jug band rhythm the band is well known for.  Electric fiddle player Mark Saunders takes the LBSL sound to new heights on this record. The rest of the album is an assault of cleverly constructed tunes with meaningful and poignant subject matter.  You will enjoy “Everything Everything.”  It sure sounds like the band enjoyed making it!

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Lonesome Bert & the Skinny Lizards coalesced out of the musical mythosphere in August 2005 when Chris Clark, freshly relocated from south Florida, hauled his standup bass up to the St Augustine art gallery where Lonesome Bert Hodge was busking with his drummer friend Steve Mitherz, and suggested a sit-in set. The resulting fusion of Chris’ edgy high-temp fingerwork and Lonesome Bert’s bouncy folk-style lyrics, propelled by Steve’s djembe drum, convinced the three that the future looked good in conjunction, so conjoined they were. A few years into their venture of the gig circuit they met a old hippie sailor Mark Saunders from Key West who joined the band with his electric fiddle in tow.

Today, hundreds of gigs and 3 full length albums later, the group is picking up speed and honing its harmonies. Lonesome Bert writes much of the material himself, drawing on a widely traveled history of airlines, military service and urban living on top of a charmed childhood in small-town Florida. He sings songs with subject matter like Hastings, Florida’s downward spiral, Key West’s colorful character or a Lotto winner meeting his demise after meeting a porn star, and the way the music sounded on the car radio late at night all the way from Nashville. His lines are quirky and thought-provoking and sometimes poignant, but always lively, served up over what he calls “the bumptime boogie beat” that evolved from Tom Paxton and Merle Travis style finger picking. Some of the songs have a crypto-liberal political tinge to them, because Bert likes to skewer ”institutional answers to individual questions.” Chris also writes and sings songs characterized by high energy and humor, addressing topics like vanishing hippies, the tyranny of the electronic age and a mans realization that life could be much better when only relying on three hot meals and a cot to sleep on daily.

You can check out Lonesome Bert & the Skinny Lizards every Wednesday evening at the Florida Cracker Cafe located at 81 St. George Street St Augustine, FL 32084 from 5:30-9pm.

Visit to purchase their new their new CD or view a schedule of upcoming gigs in St Augustine.

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