Erin Fitzpatrick

The bright and busy workshops where ideas meet industry are ruled by creative artisans such as Erin Fitzpatrick, who is a genius at weaving beautiful and unforgettable advertising copy out of the whole cloth of Irene’s marketing imagination.

Proofing and printing, designing to delivering, Erin has built a career turning heads and catching eyes in the newspaper/magazine industry and on the web. Schooled in Fine Arts (with honors) at UF, she has worked over 15 years in Texas, Alabama and St Augustine acquiring a mastery of the complex conceptual machinery that raises composition and design to the level of art.

When the job’s all done, she goes home and designs(and creates) masks, pinatas and costumes. When it’s really all done, she goes camping and kayaking with her family.

Irene will be quick to mention that Erin’s considerable talents are available to you as well, dear Reader, on a free-lance basis.

Irene Arriola Real Estate, Inc.
81 King Street, Suite B Saint Augustine, FL 32084
Email: [email protected] | Office phone: 904.829.2002
Cell phone: 904.669.0691 | Fax: 904.829.2029